I haven’t stopped writing for the blog but the pace has been pretty glacial the last couple of days. I have a fairly good sized pain behind my knee which is extending into my left back side. Some friends and co-workers believe it’s the sciatic nerve. I am not sure what it is.

I haven’t been to the doctor to see what it is because, well, I don’t want to spend money on such things unless I absolutely have to mainly for insurance reasons. I don’t understand how insurance works in general and my plan which I have through work in particular. And I don’t like to spend money on something when I don’t know exactly know how much I am going to be spending on.

If you wouldn’t mind, dear reader, could you spare some prayers for your blogger? Pray that the Lord heals this pain. Or please pray that if the time comes where I have to visit a doctor that it wouldn’t break my finances.

And if there is anything I can pray for you about, feel free to comment and I will do so.