It has been quite the month for me since becoming a Christian.

Again, as I have written before, I’ve made attempts at a Christian/religious life before and I have even said the sinner’s prayer asking Jesus into my heart on multiple occasions. But I think I want to mark February 5th as the day it took hold because that was the day I asked Jesus to be Lord upon the throne of my life, not just a feel-good drug to serve as a temporary respite from the severe depression caused mostly by my selfish lifestyle. As I understand it, a Christian is one who accepts Jesus as Lord of their lives, so that would be the day I became a Christian.

So now what?

I have decided to join Hope City Church, which led me to the chapel where Pastor Q was leading Growth Track, which can be best described as Hope City’s answer to a membership class. Since I have to work every other weekend I will not be able to complete all four classes until sometime in May!

This particular class “Step Two: Connect” goes over things that most membership classes are devoted to. Basic beliefs. The mission of our church. How the church governmental structure works, etc.

But it was the section of the class entitled “Finding Community” that I found most encouraging and a little scary. In a future class I will be attending (again, probably sometime in May), I (and others in the group will be receiving a sizable questionnaire that will attempt to pinpoint where our strengths are and what areas we could serve in if we chose to serve.

There are some areas I think I could serve in off the top of my head. I am told that I am a good writer. I used to teach U.S. History and know a little bit of church history and theology from my past attempts at a Christian life but I don’t know if that’s of any use for Hope City.

There is one more thing, however. For about four years, I have been serving as an all-vinyl DJ spinning mostly classic Hip-Hop from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Above is a picture of me spinning  I play in bars in the area. I told my lead pastor this. Since by my estimation, we are roughly the same age (give or take a couple of years), he knew what I was talking about.

I had ideas of what I could do for my church. Fundraisers for missions. Dances. A fun time for people in the church my age. But then again a lot of what I am spinning probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a church crowd at all.

Then I start to ask myself if I should be spinning these tunes at all. It’s not that I endorse the message of much of them. Since they are older tunes they hold a nostalgic quality to me and people roughly around my age. And I love music so much. I love making a crowd dance and laugh and have a good time. But I wonder if I should give it up.

I believe I have a gift but I don’t know if I can use it in my new faith. And I don’t really think I should compartmentalize my life and faith. Any thoughts?